Likvidi, which means liquid in Finnish, was founded in 2019 with a goal of becoming a leading STO (security token offering) advisor serving startups and growth companies across the world.
In 2020 we realigned our entire business fully around sustainablity and green finance on blockchain.
Now Likvidi is 100% focused on web3 services around sustainability and voluntary carbon markets. We could not be more excited about this mission of bringing new, more efficient, sustainable and transparent carbon products to global markets.

Company Overview

Likvidi is a sustainable finance company that aims to grow the voluntary carbon markets via blockchain-based credits.
Over the past two years we have built a technology platform and formed a legal structure that enables us to issue these tokenized assets.
Likvidi is an end-to-end solution, meaning that it sources its carbon credits direct from regenerative projects. By collaborating with select farmers and forest owners, Likvidi can ensure the quality of carbon credits is at a premium in terms of verifiable and genuinely beneficial carbon capture. Carbon credit token metadata will show the token origin, lifespan and other credentials which can be viewed through the ‘Carbon Credit Scanner’.

Liquid Carbon Credits

Liquid Carbon Credits (LCO2) are tokenized carbon credits for the voluntary carbon credit market. They can be used as an investment instrument or to offset individuals or a company's carbon footprint.
LCO2's are sourced from forestry based projects under Verra and Gold Standard verification standards. Each LCO2 is backed with one tonne of carbon.
LCO2 credits will be tradable on exchanges and decentralized finance venues which will open up new markets for price discovery, starting with the Likvidi Carbon Credit Platform. The platform will complete the ecosystem authenticating the whole lifecycle of a carbon credit, from source to issuance, auditing, trading, and retirement or ‘offset’.

Likvidi Token (LIKK) - Utility Token

The LIKK token is a multi-purpose utility token on Likvidi Carbon Platform, issued on Avalanche blockchain. LIKK holders get up to 20% off LCO2's when purchasing new credits directly from Likvidi.