Company Overview

Likvidi is building a next generation digital asset platform focusing solely on sustainable finance. We believe that blockchain will play a vital role in the fight against climate change. With blockchain, we can build more transparent, decentralized and inclusive markets for carbon credits, green bonds and project financing.
This Suite outlines the tokenized assets that we offer to clients across the world. Besides offering a unique selection of digital assets to our clients, we also offer a primary market Marketplace and secondary market Exchange. Such ubiquitous access to carbon markets is unparalleled and unprecedented.

LCO2 - Liquid Carbon Credits (Pooled Carbon Credits)

Liquid Carbon Credits (LCO2) are tokenized carbon credits for the voluntary carbon credit market. They can be used as an investment instrument or to offset individuals or a company's carbon footprint.
  • Basic LCO2 is a pool token with between 3-10 carbon credits pooled into one token.
  • Each LCO2 is the equivalent of one carbon credit.
  • When LCO2 gets offsetted on Likvidi Offset Station, the carbon credit with the oldest vintage year in the pool pool gets burned, thereby keeping the pool constantly up-to-date and avoiding that the pool is made up of old credits.
  • When offsetted, the client gets a non-transferable NFT as a certificate for the offsetting. This NFT can then be converted to PDF on the Offset Station.

Likvidi Token (LIKK) - Utility Token

LIKK is the platform’s utility token that unlocks benefits for the holders. The main utility for LIKK is staking which represents a unique combination of carbon credits (LCO2) and LIKK tokens (esLIKK) as reward from the staking. LIKK token generates LCO2 carbon credits from the Likvidi Marketplace which are then distributed to LIKK holders as reward. The token will be issued on Ethereum mainnet in Q1-Q2 2023.

Origins Collection - Carbon Yielding NFTs

Origins Collection is a collection of 1020 carbon yielding NFTs. Users can stake Origins NFTs in Likvidi Marketplace Staking Station to earn LCO2 carbon credits. Each NFT includes unique artwork produced in collaboration between illustrator artist and AI system. We have partnered with 330ai to create unique imagery for each NFT with their AI and deep learning algorithms.
The Origins Collection is now live on
NFT Staking launching on January 2023. Users will be able to stake their NFTs to earn LCO2 carbon credits at a fixed rate of 1 credit per 30 days per NFT.