Company Overview

Likvidi is a European technology startup dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in reaching net-zero. Company was founded in 2020 with a focus on sustainable finance, a new market sector that is a perfect match for blockchain technology as assets in this space need to include two sets of information: 1. Financial data & 2. Sustainability data.
Initially the team built a green bond platform on blockchain for SME impact investing, however the market timing was too early and was slowed down even more by Covid-19.
In 2022, the company noted the importance of the voluntary carbon market and how blockchain technology is the solution for many issues within the current market, including transparency and tradability, and how this market has to adopt this new tech in order for us to slow down and eventually stop climate change.

LCO2 - Liquid Carbon Credits (Pooled Carbon Credits)

LCO2 is a carbon token, an ERC-20 token representing a pool of premium, nature-based carbon credits. The LCO2 token aims to be the ultimate carbon asset for offsetting, trading, and investing purposes, backed by a portfolio of high-caliber projects that contribute to our planet's preservation.
Designed for both individuals and companies, LCO2 is user-friendly, enabling easy purchasing, holding, and offsetting while remaining tradable around the clock. The LCO2 token offers the added benefit of risk diversification, as it allows offsetters to invest in 20 different carbon projects included in the LCO2 portfolio. Each LCO2 token is backed by one tonne of carbon dioxide sequestered from the atmosphere.
All LCO2 carbon credits will be issued on blockchain as ERC-20 tokens.

Likvidi Token (LIKK) - Utility Token

LIKK is the platform’s utility token that unlocks benefits for the holders. The main utility for LIKK is staking which represents a unique combination of carbon credits (LCO2) and LIKK tokens (esLIKK) as reward from the staking. LIKK token generates LCO2 carbon credits from the Likvidi App which are then distributed to LIKK holders as reward. The token will be issued in Q2 2023.