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How to Setup MetaMask Wallet

Set Up Your Wallet

To start using the Likvidi Marketplace platform, you will need to download and create your wallet. When you go to, and click Connect Wallet you will see a list of wallet options to choose from.
When you set up your wallet, be sure to:
  • Download and install only from an official source
  • Safely backup your recovery phrases. Recommended to back them on physical paper.

Setting up MetaMask wallet:

Setting up your MetaMask:
Step 1. Head over to
Step 2. Download and install Metamask to your browser.
Step 3. After the download is finished, click Get Started.
Step 4. Click Create a Wallet
Step 5. Create your password
Step 6. You will be given your backup phrase, also known as "private key", which is made up of 12 words. It is good practice to write this down on physical paper and never show or tell anyone these words. Anyone who has access to your backup phrase can access your assets and do anything with them, so don't ever give it to anyone!
Step 7. Your wallet has successfully been created! Your wallet address will look something like this: 0xF8123771E3019d96b95E2Df28DDC85C32c006Caf or as seen in the photo below: 0xF81...6Caf