LCO2: Carbon Credits
Liquid, AI-based, high quality, tokenised carbon credits

Liquid Carbon Credits

Our first Carbon Credit product is Liquid Carbon Credits (LCO2). Likvidi Carbon Credits ‘LCO2’ are a tokenized solution for the carbon credits market that will print data into the credit for better transparency on its origin, quality, and lifespan. A sound crediting system is an integral part of good climate policy and Likvidi see the potential of blockchain to bring accountability to the global carbon crediting market. LCO2 credits will be tradable on exchanges and decentralized finance venues which will open up new markets for price discovery, starting with the Likvidi Carbonstore platform. The platform will complete the ecosystem authenticating the whole lifecycle of a carbon credit, from source to issuance, auditing, trading, and retirement or ‘offset’.
LCO2's are sourced from regenerative farming and forests. Each credit is equivalent to one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere. Offsetting LCO2's restores balance to the environment and supports our vital ecosystem.

The Main features of LCO2's

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    Carbon reducing: Our carbon credits reduce the carbon from the atmosphere by capturing it into the forests and soil. Our carbon credits are issued based on afforestation, reforestation, improved forest management (IFM) and avoided deforestation (REDD+) or by regenerative agriculture around the planet Earth.
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    Third-party verified: All our carbon credits are verified by a reputable verifier such as Verra.
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    Purchase instantly: Users can buy and manage LCO2 instantly via the Carbonstore platform.
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    Direct access: We work directly with project representatives i.e. primary market to improve transparency and consistent access to the carbon credits we provide
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    Transparent: With our carbon credits, you know exactly where they are from, the pricing model, and additional co-benefits Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that these carbon credit might cover. There is no better way to prove the provenance of carbon credit than an immutable audit record.
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    Tokenized: Tokenization prevents double counting and makes sure that the retirement (offsetting) has really happened. When the credit is used for offsetting its always burned which ensures that the same credit cannot be used again.
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    Global market: Blockchain opens access to the wider global community to buy, sell and offset its carbon emissions, making saving the planet a whole lot easier.
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    DeFi & NFT composability: Our carbon credits can be used on DeFi and NFT platforms. We are excited to see how carbon can be integrated into crypto and what kind of new carbon-backed products will be built.

LCO2 token data

The following data is integrated in each LCO2 carbon credit:
  • Name: (for example "LCO2 Rimba Raya" indicating our own standard LCO2 and name of the project.
  • Code: for example "LCO2-VCS-674-2017"
    • LCO2 is our own standard
    • VCS is Verra's verification standard
    • 674 Verra's project ID
    • 2017 Vintage
  • Ticker: LCO2 RR
  • Project ID: Verra's own ID
  • Vintage: year when its associated greenhouse gas reduction occured
  • Methodology: refers to project type such as afforestation, reforestation, improved forest management or REDD+ (avoided deforestation)
  • Location coordinates: (in our own carbon credit projects, issued under Veriforest standard, we can utilize our partner's satellite technology to have the exact location of each carbon credit as coordinates.)

Sourcing carbon credits

We have two different ways of sourcing carbon credits: directly from the projects or purchasing credits from brokers
Directly from the projects (forest owners):
We buy the carbon credits directly from the source (forest owner). We are currently conducting our first pilot in Finland where we tokenize 105 hectares of Finnish forest and this will lead to 1800 hectares later on during Q2 2022. We then look for Finnish companies that are interested in offsetting their carbon footprint with credits from local forests. All the carbon credits are always tokenized on Avalanche. We co-operate with Scandinavian verification firms to evaluate those areas and credits in a very comprehensive way. This project leads to Likvidi´s own verification process called Veriforest by the end of q2 2022.
Purchasing carbon credits from brokers:
Likvidi purchases the credits from brokers. Most often we look to buy from brokers that have exclusive rights to those carbon credits and they work directly with the projects. In this case the credits are always certified under a respected standard such as Verra or Gold Standard. We have partnered with a few brokers to ensure that we find the highest quality credits from the widest range of options.
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Liquid Carbon Credits
The Main features of LCO2's
LCO2 token data
Sourcing carbon credits