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Carbon Markets on Blockchain

Unlocking the power of carbon credits through blockchain. A carbon credit represents a project’s planet-positive impact. Carbon credits are certified by standards bodies like, Verra and Gold Standard.

Likvidi’s Platform is integrated with registries operated by respected carbon credit registries. This integration ensures that only the carbon credits from trusted sources are turned into blockchain-based tokens. These tokens are monitored using the Likvidi RWA Scanner, which is Likvidi's own registry for tracking and displaying information related to the underlying real-world assets in a user-friendly manner.

All our on-chain operations are managed on energy-efficient blockchains that are Proof of Stake consensus mechanism or either layer 2s on top of existing Proof of Stake blockchains, such as Arbitrum. Our first blockchain network for issuing real-world-assets is Arbitrum.

We use smart contracts for creating portfolios of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates on blockchain. Carbon credits are called LCO2 (Liquid Carbon Tokens) and renewable energy certificates are EUGO (European Guarantee of Origin).

Liquid Carbon Tokens (LCO2)

1 LCO2 = 1000 kg of carbon dioxide sequestered from the atmosphere.

LCO2 are carbon portfolio tokens representing a pool of premium carbon credits. The LCO2 token aims to be the ultimate carbon asset for compensating carbon footprint, trading, and investing purposes, backed by a portfolio of high-caliber projects that contributes to our planet’s preservation.

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Renewable Energy Tokens (EUGO)

1 EUGO = 1 MWh renewable energy

EUGOs are blockchain-based renewable energy certificates. Each EUGO token is underpinned by a certificate verifying the generation of 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity from renewable sources. This direct correlation ensures that each EUGO token retains a tangible and quantifiable link to actual renewable energy production, enhancing the integrity and credibility of these digital certificates.


LIKK token is the native utility token of the Likvidi Platform. This token includes use cases such as staking, RWA asset minting, and airdrops.

LIKK token will be launched soon on Arbitrum. Follow our social channels to stay up to date.

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