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Token Utility

The Ultimate ESG-Utility Token
LIKK represents the world’s first utility token, that when staked, earns carbon credits and helps the token holder to become carbon neutral. Upon staking your LIKK tokens, you’ll be able to enjoy the following rewards and unique benefits:
  1. 1.
    LCO2 carbon credits
  2. 2.
    LIKK tokens (esLIKK)

Utility 1: Stake & Earn LCO2 carbon credits

The main utility for LIKK is staking which represents a unique combination of carbon credits (LCO2) and LIKK tokens (escrowed LIKK) as reward from the staking.
LIKK token generates LCO2 carbon credits from the platform fees which are then distributed to LIKK holders as reward.
Our innovation is to enable token holders to earn rewards in the form of carbon tokens which can be used for offsetting carbon footprint.
LIKK staking flow

LIKK Token Carbon Credit Generation

Staked LIKK receives two rewards:

  • LCO2 carbon credits
  • esLIKK rewards (escrowed LIKK)
With the earned carbon credits, the users can then offset their carbon footprint or trade on Likvidi AMM Exchange.

Escrowed LIKK rewards (esLIKK)

Staked LIKK holders are entitled to receive Escrowed LIKK (esLIKK) as a reward and this esLIKK can be used in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Staked for rewards similar to normal LIKK
  2. 2.
    Vested to become normal LIKK tokens over a period of 180 days


Staking will stake your escrowed LIKK rewards and you earn exactly the same rewards as from LIKK staking.

Vesting / Claiming

Claiming will start the process of unvesting your LIKK tokens over a period of 180 days. When the claiming process is started, the esLIKK tokens are converted into LIKK every few seconds and will fully vest over 180 days.
If the user decides to stake LIKK and then unstake it, the 6-month vesting period will still apply. During the 6-month window he/she won’t earn rewards from the esLIKK.

Distribution rate for esLIKK

The esLIKK staking rewards will be available for the first two years of the LIKK staking. Total of 73M LIKK (7.3% of total supply) is reserved for the esLIKK reward program. After the 2 years, we believe that the carbon credits generated from the marketplace to LIKK holders will be high enough, so that LIKK token rewards won’t be necessary to keep the staking rewards attractive.
  • 3,041,666 LIKK distributed per month for 24 months.

Utility 2: Liquidity Providing Boost

Stake LIKK to boost liquidity providing (LP) staking rewards from liquidity provided on LCO2 Exchange. The more LIKK tokens a user stakes, the higher their share of the fees generated from the pool.
  • Stake LIKK to earn boosted rewards from LP
  • Boosted rewards can be up to 2x
  • Amount of LIKK required to receive boosted rewards depends on user's LP size

Utility 3: LIKK as a payment token

By utilizing LIKK tokens, users can acquire services available on the platform at discounted rates, including comprehensive carbon footprint analysis reports.