Token Utility
LIKK is the utility token which powers Likvidi ecosystem and grants benefits to Likvidi users.

Discounted carbon credits

LIKK holders get up to 20% bonus on Likvidi Carbon Credits (LCO2) when purchasing new credits directly from Likvidi. $100 of carbon credits becomes up to $120 worth when you trade in your LIKK.
The LIKK tokens are always burned when used for bonus carbon credits, reducing the total supply of LIKK.
We ensure that the discount value is always substantially higher than the value of LIKK the user needs to use for the discount.

Staking Reward Pool

One of the core utilities behind LIKK token is staking; users can stake LIKK and earn rewards from fees generated by Liquid Carbon Platform. Fee structure below:
Likvidi Carbon Exchange:
  • 20% of all the fees generated by Likvidi Carbon Exchange are converted to LIKK by purchasing LIKK from the open market.
Direct carbon credit purchases
  • Up to 20% of the fees generated from direct carbon credit purchases on Liquid Carbon Platform are converted to LIKK by purchasing LIKK from the open market.
These LIKK tokens are then sent to the staking reward pool. Users can earn a proportional share of this reward pool by staking LIKK.

Priority access

Priority access to Likvidi products like carbon backed NFTs.
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Discounted carbon credits
Staking Reward Pool
Priority access