LCO2 Issuance Flow

Likvidi's platform is integrated with registries operated by respected carbon credit registry companies. This integration ensures that only carbon credits from trusted sources are transformed into blockchain-based tokens.

Carbon credit metadata and supply data are fetched from CAD Trust using Chainlink's oracle. This is to ensure that the correct amount of carbon credits are tokenized by Likvidi, and to retrieve data related to each carbon credit project.

Project-Specific LCO2 tokens are issued as ERC-20 tokens. These Project-Specific LCO2s are then transferred to the LCO2 Pool Contract, where the tokens are held. When carbon credits are utilized for compensating carbon footprints, the corresponding Project-Specific tokens are removed from the Pool and burned. The supply of LCO2 Pool Tokens always matches 1:1 with the underlying Project-Specific credits.

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