Liquid Carbon Credits

LCO2 is a carbon token, an ERC-20 token representing a pool of premium, nature-based carbon credits. The LCO2 token aims to be the ultimate carbon asset for offsetting, trading, and investing purposes, backed by a portfolio of high-caliber projects that contribute to our planet's preservation.
Designed for both individuals and companies, LCO2 is user-friendly, enabling easy purchasing, holding, and offsetting while remaining tradable around the clock. The LCO2 token offers the added benefit of risk diversification, as it allows offsetters to invest in 20 different carbon projects included in the LCO2 portfolio. Each LCO2 token is backed by one tonne of carbon dioxide sequestered from the atmosphere.
All LCO2 carbon credits will be issued on blockchain as ERC-20 tokens.

LCO2 Features:

Portfolio Approach

  • LCO2 contains an active portfolio of 20 different carbon credits with equal weight

Diversified & Verified

  • Included carbon credits are from different sectors and geographic areas to further spread the risk. Credits have to be verified by approved Registry

Third-party Ratings

  • LCO2 portfolio carbon credits also need a “high-quality” Rating from one of the reputable third-party rating firms.


  • Carbon credits co-benefits are also a selection criteria, as the goal is that LCO2s always cover all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Portfolio’s data is publicly available on blockchain, including the different project types, vintages, and volumes issued and offsetted


  • LCO2 will be the first carbon token to be tradable on Likvidi’s Automated Market Making Swap Exchange (AMMSE) offering 24/7 liquidity
  • Tokenization prevents double counting and makes sure that the retirement (offsetting) has really happened. When the credit is used for offsetting its always burned which ensures that the same credit cannot be used again.