Carbon Projects

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve (Indonesia)

  • Rimba Raya is categorized as a “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation Avoidance and Degradation” [REDD+] project.
  • Rimba Raya is rich in biodiversity, including the endangered Bornean orangutan, proboscis monkeys and +92 other endangered, threatened & vulnerable species.
  • It is the first REDD+ project to earn Triple Gold validation under the Climate, Community & Biodiversity [CCB] Standard in 2013.
  • The largest REDD+ project in the world, in terms of avoided emissions to date and the first and only project to achieve all 17 SDGs.

Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project (Congo)

  • The Congo Basin is the second largest tropical rainforest in the world and provides an important carbon sink to mitigate climate change..
  • It was the first of its kind in 2011 to be supported by the Congolese Government. The REDD+ (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) portion of the project reduces unsustainable deforestation by co-creating alternatives to slash-and-burn agriculture with locals.
  • The Project has issued $75 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) to date. An average of 5.7 million tCO2e reduction per year achieved through the conservation management of the Project. In addition to protecting 299,645 ha of forest, the Project provides land-use services to local employees.

Pacajai REDD+ Project (Brazil)

  • The Pacajai REDD+ Project prevents unplanned Amazonian deforestation in the Portel municipality of the state of Pará, north-west Brazil. The conservation area encompasses 123,067 ha of rainforest that is estimated to store over 300 million tonnes of carbon.
  • The area of private land is at the edge of the deforestation frontier in Brazil and is critical for lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) levels. The Project type is AUDD (Avoided Unplanned Deforestation and Degradation).
  • The Project works to obtain official land titles for villages actively participating in the forest protection by providing legal land-use permits. The Project arries out land patrolling, provides legal land ownership rights, supports local communities to develop agroforestry activities and distributes cook stoves.
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​Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve (Indonesia)
Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project (Congo)
Pacajai REDD+ Project (Brazil)