Q3 2022

Carbonstore launch
  • Likvidi Carbonstore launches on Ethereum mainnet
Origins NFT collection
  • Likvidi's first NFT collection "Origins NFT" launches
  • Staking Module: Origins NFT staking

Q4 2022

Offsetting Module
  • Users can retire their carbon credits to unlock the environmental benefit of the carbon credits
Carbon DEX
  • Likvidi Carbon DEX goes live. Trade carbon credits and support green projects around the globe.
$LIKK launch
  • Likvidi native utility token $LIKK launches


Carbon Credit Scanner
  • Easy to user analytics and research site for identifying carbon credits and projects
Carbon Calculator
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator for indivdiuals and companies. Discover the size of your carbon footprint emissions and take steps to reduce it.
Likvidi Wallet
  • Likvidi custodian wallet built with Fireblocks technology
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Q3 2022
Q4 2022